Bee-Kite Thunder 6 square meters - Single Line Upward Kite 470 x 245 cm KAP Sailplane Kite - Sail only



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Release Heaven ... Thunder arrives!

Thunder is a gigantic Delta Single Line made ​​of rip-stop Nylon with double resin slats to satisfy best the sail load.

The flight of Thunder is stable even with light winds. At high altitude it remains almost motionless generating an important traction and this is ideal for those ones who want to take aerial filming (KAP) or for those ones who need to keep raised inflatable, signs or aerial scenes.

Due to its characteristics it is recommended to be used only by experienced kite pilots.

Key Features

  • Great Single Line Delta Kite with 470 cm wingspan, stable and accurate flight

  • Ideal for scenery, lifting or pure fun

  • Great multicolour rip-stop Nylon sail with large wind range

  • Ideal for novice and medium kite pilots, even for windsocks lifting or cameras   


Dimensions: 470 x 245 cm. (area 6 square meters)

Sail Material: Rip-stop Nylon

Structure: Resin Rod

lines: NOT INCLUDED (Recommended Dacron lines 170/250 Kg)

Ideal Wind: from 6 to 30 Km/h

Kite pilot Level: Medium/Expert (+18 years)

Recommended for experienced kite pilots who want to create scenery in flight and/or aerial filming


Watch the Video Below!

Instructions (Instructions_for_single-lines_kites.pdf, 210 Kb) [Download]

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