Bee-Kite Tail - Single Line Sailplane Kite 270 x 140 cm with 7 meters tails. Ready to fly with lines on winder included



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Release Heaven ... Tail arrives!

Tail is a great Delta Single Line made ​​of rip-stop Nylon and with light fibre slats to allow a flight even with very light winds.

The flight of Tail is stable even in light winds. At high altitude it remains almost motionless generating a good traction and this can be used to create air scenes with inflatable or windsocks.

The tails of this kite are very beautiful and allow creating a figure in flight of 7 meters length!

The supplied lines of highest quality ensures an accurate and safe flight under any wind conditions, while the included bag allows placing it comfortably in a small space.


Key Features

  • Single Line Delta Kite with 270 cm wingspan, stable and accurate flight

  • Ready to fly with 100 meters (65 kg) Dacron lines provided on Yo-Yo lines winder

  • Great multicolour rip-stop Nylon sail with 7 meters tails

  • Ideal for novice and medium kite pilots, even for windsocks lifting or cameras   



Dimensions: 270 x 140 cm. + code 700 cm.

Sail Material: Rip-stop Nylon

Structure: Light Fibre slats

lines: Dacron 100 meters (65 Kg.) on Yo-Yo lines winder

Ideal Wind: from 6 to 30 Km/h

Kite Pilot Level: Beginner/Medium (+16 years)

Recommended for kite pilot beginners and non-beginners, who want an easy to fly and very scenic kite!


Watch the Video Below!

Instructions (Instructions_for_single-lines_kites.pdf, 210 Kb) [Download]

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