Bee-Kite SideKick - Single Line Sailplane kite 200 x 100 cm. with stabilizing tail - Ready to fly with lines on winder included



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Never flown a kite .... don't worry, there's SideKick

SideKick is a Delta Single Line of medium size made of nylon and with fibreglass slats, with classical multicolour aerodynamics and a beautiful stabilizing tail.

The flight of SideKick is stable under all conditions and is ideal for those ones who want an important kite regarding dimensions and also spectacular, but easy to fly and with a not overwhelming drive.

The stabilizing tail allows a stable flight even with gusty winds, making SideKick flying on the left and on the right of the wind-window looking for a better balance. The flight is very stable with constant and medium intensity winds and you can relax on a deckchair to enjoy the performance that SideKick generates in flight!

The supplied lines of highest quality ensures an accurate and safe flight under any wind conditions, while the included bag allows placing it comfortably in a small space.

Key Features

  • Single Line Delta kite with stable and accurate flight even in presence of moderate winds

  • Ready to fly with 50 meters (40 kg) Dacron lines provided on Yo-Yo lines winder

  • Great rip-stop Nylon sail with stabilizing tail

  • Ideal for novice kite pilots and winds from 6 to 38 Km/h


Dimensions: 200 x 100 cm. + tail

Sail Material: Rip-stop Nylon

Structure: Fibreglass slats

lines: Dacron 50 meters (40 Kg) on Yo-Yo lines winder

Ideal wind: from 6 to 38 Km/h

Kite pilot level: Beginner (+14 years)

Recommended for kite pilot beginners and non-beginners who want an easy to fly and very scenic kite!


Watch the video below!

Instructions (Instructions_for_single-lines_kites.pdf, 210 Kb) [Download]

Instructions (Instructions_for_single-lines_kites_qrbp-mm.pdf, 210 Kb) [Download]

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