Bee-Kite Shark - Single Line Sailplane Kite 140 x 170 cm - Ready to fly with lines on winder included



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Shark. Born to bite the wind!

Shark shocks everyone with its in particoular shape and the unmistakable sharped teeth.

Thanks to the fiberglass frame, this kite is stable in the air, even in the presence of gusts incurred.

Its unmistakable color attracts the eye and is also perfect for younger drivers.

Shark is ready to fly, with cable and handle included. It is offering excellent cable Terylene and a convenient cord storage that lets you manage the kite safely and comfortably.

Key Features 

  • Single Line kite withvery scenic shark shape

  • Ready to fly with 30 meters (38 kg) Terylene lines provided on handle lines winder

  • Nylon sail with sherk design, beautiful for children and adults

  • Ideal for novice kite pilots and winds from 8 to 35 Km/h   

Technical Features

Dimensions: 140 x 170 cm.

Sail Material: Nylon

Structure: Fibreglass

lines: Terylene 30 meters (38 Kg) on handle winder

Ideal Wind: from 8 to 35 Km/h

Kite pilot level: Beginner (+14 years)

Recommended for Teens and Adults and for beginners, who want an easy to fly kite and ready for use.

Instructions (Instructions_for_single-lines_kites.pdf, 210 Kb) [Download]

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