Bee-Kite Pink Shark 2 lines Stunt Delta Kite 180x75 cm - Ready to fly, complete with lines and straps handles



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Pink Shark...when there is wind there is fun!

Pink Shark is an Stunt kite characterized by its very modern aerodynamics, its robustness and its accurate and performing flight. Due to all these reasons, it is the best choice for novice kite pilots who wish to improve their practice with the Stunt kite flying.

The construction is very accurate and is inspired to the professional series. The sail has a modern cut, with a wingspan of 180 cm, which returns an accurate flight for ballets and the first steps towards the Far Trick.

The structure in 7 mm fibreglass and the reinforced point, make the Pink Shark a very strong kite, which is not afraid of falls, typical of novice kite pilots.

The natural habitat of Pink Shark is the strong wind, where it expresses best its full potential, but also with medium wind you can appreciate the huge aerodynamic qualities. The flight is particularly controlled with moderate winds and becomes very accurate and dynamic in the presence of sustained winds, where the steering becomes more difficult and where you can perform very well the basic Tricks.

Pink Shark is ready to fly, with Dacron lines and professional straps handles with metal attack rings and double reinforced stitching. It is assembled in a flash and will make you fall in love immediately with Stunt kite flying. 

Key Features

  • Stunt kite with 180 cm wingspan, accurate flight
  • Ready to fly with Dacron lines and professional straps handles

  • Very strong making, ideal for beginners

  • Rip-stop Nylon sail and 7 mm fibreglass structure

Technical Features

Sail Dimensions: 180 x 70 cm.

Sail Material: Rip-stop Nylon

Structure: Fibreglass 7 mm.

lines: Dacron 2 x 25 m (45 Kg) included + lines Winder and Straps

Ideal Wind: from 10 to 45 Km/h

Kite pilot Level: Beginner (+14 years)

Recommended for Teens and Adults and for beginners, who want an easy to fly kite and ready for use.


Watch the Video Below!

Instructions (Instructions_for_stunt_kites.pdf, 793 Kb) [Download]

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